Wharf Room

A hotel room in a private wharf cellar, private and authentic.

Luxury Apartment Oudegracht

Hotel26 has three apartments that are situated in recently renovated wharf cellars. You will find...

Comfort Apartment Nieuwegracht

Fully equipped apartment on the Nieuwe Gracht. Feel at home in no time.

Deluxe Apartment Nieuwegracht

With a spacious living room and large dining room table, stay comfortably with up to 4 persons.

Sleep along the canals

Perhaps even more famous than the Dom Tower, are the canals and wharfs of Utrecht. The most photographed attraction of Utrecht houses its most unique hotel: Hotel26.

Kamer 1 vlog

The only hotel in Utrecht to offer guests a unique hotel experience: sleeping in your own wharf cellar. The hotel’s five wharf cellars along the Oudegracht and Nieuwegracht have been renovated with care. Book an apartment by the wharf if you are with a group of up to five people and want to have everything within reach, from kitchen to washing machine. Prefer a weekend for two? Then our rooms by the wharf are the perfect place to relax and experience the city from your own terrace by the canal.